Five Myths About Climate Change

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Environment

Climate change has become a hot topic across the internet. While there is a lot of factual information about climate change, some misinformation is flying around. The distortion of facts is a dangerous trend that can derail the progress we have made in tackling climate change. Some of the main myths include:

Climate is Always Changing

Skeptics of climate change argue that the Earth’s climate has been changing for the last 4 billion years. While this is partly true, they are somehow wrong. The current rapid warming is inconsistent with historical climate change trends. What has happened over the course of the last 50 years normally takes hundreds of thousands of years to occur. Essentially, this means the climate is changing a million times faster than it normally does. Since 2001, global temperatures have reached levels never recorded before.

These changes can be traced to the increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere started increasing during the industrial revolution in the late 18th century. Therefore, the assertion that the climate has always been changing is not true because the current changes are artificial.

Carbon Dioxide is an Essential Part of the Ecosystem

Plants indeed require carbon dioxide to survive. If you remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, forests and plants will disappear within days. That means that plants and forests remove a huge chunk of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But there is a limit to what plants can do. If the amount of carbon dioxide emanating from industries is too high, there will be a surplus in the atmosphere.

Similarly, carbon dioxide is not the cause of global warming. In fact, it’s an essential part of the global ecosystem. But if its percentage of that ecosystem is too low or too high, there will be a problem.

Global Temperatures Are Still Too Low

Climate change skeptics state that confirmed global temperatures are theoretical. They claim that the planet’s average temperature is still too low. This is not true. The number of droughts and heat waves that have occurred in the last three decades is record-breaking. And there’s only one thing that can cause such dramatic natural climate alterations: climate change.

For instance, storms and hurricanes have increased in frequency, intensity, and longevity. Although some countries have not experienced significant temperature changes, places on the equator have been hit hard.

Climate Change is a Problem of Future Generations

Many people believe the ramifications of climate change is not something that should concern the current generations. They believe that these effects will become apparent hundreds of years from now. However, this is nothing more than an excuse by people who want to postpone today’s problems.

In 2018, leading environmental experts released a report which showed that the global temperature would pass the 1.5 degrees Celsius limit in the next 12 years. Once the world temperature passes that limit, there will be an increase in migration, disease, conflict, as well as a dramatic reduction in global food supplies.

Unlike natural climate change, which can be predicted and monitored, human-made climate change is unpredictable and depends on human action. We cannot wait for future generations to solve the problems we are creating today. We must act now.

Climate Change is a Financial Scam

Climate change skeptics point out that many of the proposed climate change solutions are expensive. For instance, they claim that renewable energy is several times more costly than traditional sources of energy. Therefore, the skeptics conclude a corporate conspiracy to push the climate change agenda to enrich a few individuals. This is not true.

Although some forms of renewable energy are expensive, there are a few alternatives that are quite affordable. Solar power is essentially free as nobody is going to sell you the sun. At the same time, research has shown that onshore wind can be used to produce low-cost electricity.

With current investments in renewable energy research increasing, the cost of renewable energy is believed to continue reducing. For instance, governments have subsidized solar energy and are encouraging businesses to use sustainable sources of energy. If you can save money on your electricity, you will save money for other things. For instance, this money can come in handy when making a selection of the best ping pong table to use for the Ping Pong Perfect.

Bottom Line

Climate change has been the focus of many conspiracy theories. The myths they have created are affecting the war on climate change negatively. We hope you will use the tips we have provided above to educate other people about climate change.

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