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Refutation of the Theory of Man-Made Global Warming

Slaying the Sky Dragon is a website that provides detailed and comprehensive scientific literature that refutes the political theory and general acceptance of global warming. We believe that to address real issues, we must first sieve out the misconceptions to strengthen our planet. With the help of environmental and scientific experts, we conduct our research on ecological and climatic matters to facilitate sustainable development and the future.

We’re an advocate of collective action. Therefore for every myth or fallacy shared on global warming, we respond with more in-depth information, including verifiable data, and we encourage others to do the same.


Furthermore, we formulate research-based explanations to generate practical change in the world. Our primary focus is on protecting the earth’s inhabitants and the environment by propagating credible facts about the climate and world. Thus ensuring that every person has access to accurate information to contribute to environmental decision policies that will move the planet forward and not hold us down. This way, we can eliminate the power of one-sided decision making about the environment.


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