4 Lifestyles to Consider Adopting to Address Global Warming and Climate Change

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Environment

It’s 2021, and nations worldwide are intensifying their efforts in fighting the menace of climate change and global warming. The earth is warming up at an alarming rate due to various human activities taking place, with factors like melting glaciers, rising water levels, wildfires, increasing heat waves, hurricanes, etc., being the leading causes. That’s why you might have been hearing statements like “avoid plastics,” “become a vegan,” “only use reusable bags and cups,” etc.

Global warming has caused significant changes to the earth’s climate and weather patterns. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, with cars accounting for about 82%. Electricity production comes second, with others like industry, agriculture, commercial, and residential sectors taking up the remaining spots.

Now, you might be wondering why the duo of transportation and electricity affects the environment so much. Well, here’s why- power generation for those sectors requires that you burn fossil fuels like oil, gas, or coal.

Doing this facilitates the release of carbon dioxide, which makes up about 82% of atmospheric gases. Many transportation activities and electricity generation lead to several gases in the atmosphere, which poses a grave danger for the climate.

Combating Global Warming and Climate Change

With the effects of global warming becoming more apparent by the day, it became clear that the human population had to do something to salvage the situation. This realization birthed the numerous initiatives and plans from government and private entities to make planet earth a better place to live.

Suppose you’re an environmentalist and have always looked for ways to contribute to the fight against climate change and global warming. In that case, this article will be discussing four lifestyles to adopt to make the world safer and better. If led by a significant proportion of the world population, these lifestyles are capable of helping to tackle these issues.

1.   Afforestation

With many studies attributing the speedy rate of climate change and global warming to the ever-dwindling number of forests and a massive percentage of deforestation to satisfy our human needs, planting trees has become one of the most affordable, cost-effective lifestyles to prevent more damage from getting done to the climate.

Why plant trees? Trees are natural elements capable of absorbing carbon dioxide, which makes up a whopping 82% of the greenhouse gases in circulation. Planting them will help reduce the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere and cut down on greenhouse emissions. Besides this, embarking on afforestation and reforestation enhances biodiversity, helps retain water, ensures food security, and nourishes the soil for sustainability.

So, if you’re interested in helping get rid of global warming, consider adopting a tree planting lifestyle.

2. Embark on Sustainable Hunting

Hunting is an activity that has been in existence for as long as man himself. Before the evolution of humankind, it used to be a skill needed for survival and sustenance. Now, many engage in it for various purposes, including sport, recreation, and feeding.

As the world continues to adopt environmentally conscious and eco-friendly lifestyles to deal with the loss of biodiversity and combating global warming, it has become pertinent that you join the trend if you’re a hunter.

With unregulated hunting going on in several parts of the world, leading to the massive loss of biodiversity and putting the continued existence of several animal species at risk, there has never been a better time to stress the significance of sustainable hunting than now.

There’re several ways of practicing eco-friendly hunting, and one of them involves using the appropriate equipment. Several of them exist for each type of game, but one of the most recommended is the crossbow, and you’ll know why by checking out a comprehensive review by bowscanner.com.

This age-long hunting weapon is excellent for environmentally-conscious hunting because it’s durable, and its production consumes less natural resources. If crossbow hunters cultivated the habit of checking out the bow scanner review before procuring this tool, they’d have saved some cash. So, consider doing that whenever you’re ready to procure one for yourself.

Other ways of practicing eco-friendly hunting include abiding by the hunting laws for your jurisdiction, hunting close to home, avoiding wastage, etc.

3. Adopt More Eco-Friendly Transportation Habits

Our transportation choices represent one of the leading causes of climate change, with cars responsible for 82% of the transportation sector’s emissions. Dealing with part would go a long way in the fight against climate change and global warming. While it’s impossible to eradicate some transportation means entirely, it’ll be beneficial to create more environmentally-conscious habits with them.

Some of these habits include sharing rides instead of going alone, avoiding excessive braking and acceleration to cut down on fuel consumption, walking and cycling as much as possible, purchasing an eco-friendly car, etc.

4. Explore Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are some of the most significant carbon dioxide sources released into our atmosphere and contribute significantly to global warming and climate change. It’s essential to adopt more eco-friendly energy options if you’re big on achieving a sustainable environment. Solar energy is a viable alternative to consider using in your homes instead of coal or others.


With the rate at which glaciers are melting, cloud forests are dying off, and sea levels are rising, the effects of human activities on the environment are starting to take their toll. These activities and lifestyles are responsible for the warming up of the climate due to the emission of greenhouse gases to make life easy for us.

Adopting the lifestyles examined above will go a long way in combating these issues and make the planet more habitable.

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